Alexocution: Who The Hell Is That

I had a dream about ants.

In particular, I lived in some unfamiliar place, and there was a little nook with a bunch of ants. Importantly, I saw a really big fat one that could only be the queen, and I endeavored to kill them. I went away to get something to pour on them, but when I came back I found all these food-like structures, In particular, I remember seeing what looked like a giant Hot Ch**to and a mound of white and pastel color, and notably these structures looked like they were actually made out Hot Ch**to bits and cream/candy respectively.

In-dream, I knew that the ants had constructed these structures in the same manner as bees make honey and honey structures, only instead of pollen and nectar the ants used actual human food ingredients. It was extremely interesting to me.

It brought to mind, upon waking, the idea I had some time ago about “blood bees”, who used blood instead of nectar to make red honey.

"Yūko Aioi"
No description.

"Yūko Aioi"

No description.

Milk mimicry. Mimilkry.


Milk mimicry. Mimilkry.

No description.


No description.

Alexocution: Crudelitas Animarum

I was reading an article regarding a college student who claimed and likely had been raped by another student and I ended up thinking about capital punishment for some reason.

Let me back up a bit. First of all, “but as concerning justice, what is it?” I don’t have a good answer, but I know it is not vengeance or punishment. Presumably, justice would be an equalizing of states which had previously been made unequal in some way. Like, for instance, one person with value 5 steals from another person with value 5, tipping the scale to 6 and 4. Justice would be for the scale to be put back to 5 and 5, or perhaps 6 and 6. But this doesn’t make a lot of practical sense in reality, because contrary to what people say, all men (and women and whatever else) are not created equal. They certainly aren’t born equal and they don’t grow equal, but I think I covered this already elsewhere. Anyway, so we can’t implement a working communist state and we cannot make things right between a felon and a victim.

So what about the next best thing? Why don’t we just get rid of all the bad people? When I say “bad people”, in this specific case, I mean the murderers and rapists and corrupt politicians. Here, I don’t see capital punishment as being that unconscionable. Justice cannot be done. You cannot undo the worst crimes. And here, “capital punishment”, at least as far as I’m concerned, is not done with any actual punishment in mind. Rather, it is simply a means of ridding the world of a little bit of suck. In theory, the worst criminals can be made a little less worse, perhaps even vaguely decent human beings, though I doubt it since most human beings aren’t decent human beings.

The main problem with the death sentence is that we are not always certain that the accused criminal is in fact guilty. This is one of those big issues with our justice system, and really the biggest reason not to have capital punishment in my opinion. Sometimes, and probably often, incarcerated people are innocent of the crime they were accused of, maybe due to racism or other prejudices, and they obviously don’t deserve the death sentence.

So we need better ways of finding guilt before I would actually advocate capital punishment. But by the time we reach that stage of whatever, we may have also reached the stage at which we can actually mess with people’s brains without repercussions, at which point we might as well just “fix” the bad people.

No description.


No description.

Alexocution: So It Goes

Creationism is stupid.

This doesn’t require a lot of critical thinking to determine, though it does require some of it. The idea behind creationism is that an omnipotent, omniscient, perfectly benevolent and unique god (typically male for some reason) decided to create the entirety of the universe, including all life and especially including humanity “in his image”.

These attributes are ridiculous. Omnipotence and omniscience don’t even deserve debate, they don’t make sense as concepts because you can’t have “the most” strength or knowledge when these things are not quantitatively exhaustive. Perfect benevolence sort of makes sense in theory, though not in this case since this god is described in mythology as being a proud and wrathful deity. Unique, whatever, sure, only one of these beings could ever exist for some arbitrary reason. Male, yeah no, sexes only make sense for animals that are evolutionarily directed toward sexual reproduction. On that note, humans are not so special that they are somehow exempt from the descriptor “animal”, they are clearly animals that just happened to reach high-functioning intelligence first.

Anyway, so besides all that stupidity, there’s also its conflicts with scientific knowledge. The one that comes to mind immediately is the idea that the planet Earth has to be like 6,000 years old or something for creationism’s sake. I imagine this is so it can follow the chronology of the Bible, according to some ancient scholar who pulled that age out of his assumptions assimilated from the book. But obviously the planet is not that young, that’s not even old enough to account for anthropology, dating human culture to like 10,000 years at least, and archaeology, dating life back millions of years, and geology, dating the planet back billions of years.

Creationism’s biggest enemy seems to be the theory of evolution. Now, if you know anything about science, you know that a theory in science is not the same thing as the colloquial usage of the word, and this is something that practically every knowledgeable person who talks about science points out, but it does merit pointing out. Science is rational, like, rational beyond what typical people seem capable of being. Scientists determined that “truth” is a hard thing to pin down, and in fact that we cannot ever be certain that we have found it. For this reason, science never defines anything as “fact”, even things that we take for granted as fact. For instance, you might say it is a fact that we exist, but how do you know that? You think it very strongly, but we (including myself) could all be a figment of my imagination, and there would be absolutely no way to prove otherwise. That’s the kind of thing science doesn’t touch—things that cannot be proven or disproven (like concepts in religion). So instead, the strongest things in science are theories, things that have withstood rigorous testing and criticism and remain on the high ground. Theories can be disproven, and then discarded, which is one thing science is about, disproving obsolete things in favor of truer things, but so far the theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity and the theory of brains being the seat of our consciousness, has stood strong.

I don’t really get what the big deal is anyway. Why does the god need to have created every little thing? It’s not like every little thing is so perfect that it NEEDS a perfect god to create it.

Anyway Jasmine wants me to come to bed so I’ll end this here.

Bad Guy

Everyone wants to know who the bad guy is; they want to point out Major Manningson after he rolls in and declares sexistly, “What this town needs is a MAN!”, and go, “There he is, the bad guy!”

"DO and MJ: Imbroglio"
Extra special thanks to Ghost, who provided the plot and dialogue.

"DO and MJ: Imbroglio"

Extra special thanks to Ghost, who provided the plot and dialogue.

Alexocution: Crime is everywhere, crime, crime!

I was remembering something from several years ago. I was on a bus and there was a baby crying. The baby’s mother was doing that thing parents do, rubbing the baby’s back and moving it up and down and so on, but the baby was inconsolable. Eventually the mother and baby left the bus, and a few people seemed to breathe inaudible sighs of relief.

But one woman in particular, who had seemed particularly annoyed, immediately exclaimed, “Man!” and went on to complain about the mother and baby for a minute.

I didn’t get it. What could the mother have done? What could the baby have done? Sometimes babies cry, and sometimes parents really can’t do anything about it. It’s just a fact of life. I’m not fond of hearing babies scream for no discernible reason, but I understand that that’s just how babies communicate because they don’t know any better yet. This lady, on the other hand, could go gormandize a phallus. She was straight-up being annoying on purpose, and it was well within her power to shut the hell up because seriously she was way more annoying than the baby.

This brought to mind another event around that same time period during which I overheard these two people talking. One was talking about his kid, or something, and how the kid is hard to take care of and doesn’t always do what he says, and the other person said something like, “Ugh, they’re terrible. Just hit them.”

Again I didn’t get it. What would that accomplish? No, that question was rhetorical. I know the answer. It would possibly make the kid do what the parent wanted out of fear. Or maybe not, maybe the kid would start crying due to being injured by someone like ten times stronger for a reason beyond comprehension. Because that’s the whole point. Kids don’t understand. Hitting them doesn’t help them understand either, it just makes them unhappy and afraid and leads to trust issues. I would know, believe me. The idea that hitting children is somehow important for their development is a definite misconception carried on through generations of compounding stupidity and laziness, much like how racism and sexism are carried on.

But I don’t feel like writing about this, just take a class on developmental psychology if you care. Anyway I forgot the point I was making.


"Facial tissue"? As opposed to "butt tissue"?

Thing 4.

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Name: Alex.

Birthday: March 13.

Favourite colour: Eternity.

Lucky number: (Secret).

Height: I’m not sure, I think 5 foot 8 inches or something.

Talents: Who knows???

Last dream you remember: I fractionally remember many dreams, most of which are not recent, so I’m not sure how to answer this question.

Can you juggle: Nope.

Art/sports/both: Art.

Do you like writing: I like having written, if that counts.

Do you like dancing: I can’t dance.

Do you like singing: Or sing.


Dream vacation: I have no idea.

Dream guy/gal: Jasmine.

Dream wedding: I honestly have never had a dream about a wedding.

Dream pet: Cat I guess? Why would that be a dream though?

Dream job: Omnipotent god.

Favourite movie: Hard to say. How about… Plinkett’s review of Star Wars episode 3.

Favourite book series: The Pendergast series. But my favorite book is Neverwhere, it’s just not part of a series.

Last movie you saw: Uhh. I don’t know. Something I saw with Jasmine.

Least favourite book: I dunno some history book probably.

Least favourite food: Onions, maybe?

Least favourite author: .


Guys/girls/both: Jasmine.

Hair colour: Yes.

Eye colour: Yes.

Humorous/serious: Yes.

Taller/shorter: Shorter.

Biggest turn-on: Whoa, this is none of your business!

Biggest turn-off: ???

Alexocution: The Second Hand

Imagine this scenario. A whole bunch of people get these magic wands.

But this isn’t happy fun magic, this is evil death magic. The wands aren’t as good at killing as guns are, but every year they kill over 30,000 people, with 3,000 of them being innocent bystanders. Nobody is safe around the wand-users. People may not die immediately but just being exposed to the magic can make them very sick (and, hence weakened, more susceptible to death later).

What am I describing here? Can you guess?

It’s something that is real. Specifically, cigarettes. And I was understating it because I like nicely even and poetic numbers.

There is no reason for public smoking to be legal. None at all.

If you want to suck on a stick and get lung cancer, whatever. Be my guest. But don’t drag (aha) me into it.